Amish Paradise Trail

Amish Paradise Trail

Ride through Paradise! Stop at an Amish home to try Rebecca’s homemade root beer and whoopie pies. (Approx. 25 min.)

Adults $12, Child $6, 2 yrs. and under FREE!

Amish Roads

Amish Roads

 Stop by an Amish roadside stand on an extended ride to a real working Amish home. Learn how Amish life works. (Approx. 35 minutes)

Adults $16, Child $8, 2 yrs. & under FREE!

Amish Family Tour


Stop in and visit with Henry, Linda, and the children. Tour the barn. Visit the wood shop. Make new friends. (Approx. 45 minutes)

Adults $20, Child $10, 2 yrs. & under FREE!

Amish Farm Tour


Watch how an Amish farm works with no electric. See the horses and cows. Learn from the Lapp Family. America the way it used to be. (Approx. 60 minutes)

Adults $24, Child $12, 2 yrs. & under FREE!

Amish Adventure

Strasburg Area Tours

Ride through Amish countryside and visit a furniture building shop, craft and quilt store, and an Amish dairy farm. Meet the people and enjoy homemade goods. Have the ultimate Amish experience. (Approx. 80 minutes with two stops)

$30 for Adults, $15 for Children, under 2yrs. ride FREE.

Strasburg Area Tours


We are located just moments from the Strasburg Railroad, the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum, and many other Amish locations. Want a “custom” buggy ride? Just ask and we’ll create one for you. Price upon request.