Thank you for choosing A is for Amish Buggy rides for your cultural experience. We want you to be aware of a few safety precautions in regards to our horses and petting zoo animals to ensure a wonderful experience.

Horse Safety

DO NOT: When saying hello to our horses please do not walk up beside them. They cannot see you coming and an unannounced touch can startle them and some horses first instinct when scared, is to kick.

DO: Come around to the front of their face where they can see you, to say hello and to pet them.

DO NOT: Feed them any petting zoo food or any other fruits, vegetables, or foods in general. Of course they love food, but remember our first responsibility is the safety and well being of our horses and they can only be fed food that is provided by us.

DO: Ask what their names are and what some of their favorite treats are.

DO NOT: We know a buggy ride is so exciting, especially for the kids. If you or your child gets to sit up front with the Driver please do not grab or touch the reins of the horses, or make sounds to try and get the horses to run faster.

DO: Ask the Driver how the reins work and how we communicate with our horses.

Horse Health In Hot Weather

We love that you love and care about our horses. But I can promise you that nobody loves and cares for them more than we do.

How we protect our Horses in summer heat:

  • If the weather reaches a heat index of 150 or above, we will not be open for business, as it puts our horses at risk.
  • Our horses get extended rest periods in between rides during the summer months.
  • Our horses get water after every ride.
  • Wait times may be longer but we ensure adequate rest period and water in between rides.
  • None of our horses work every day or two days in a row. They stay in a constant rotation.
  • If needed they are sprayed down with water to help them cool off faster and all access water is scraped off.

Horse Fun Fact:

Did you know an average sized carriage horse weighs between 1200 – 2300 pounds? One horse can easily pull up to twice its own body weight, meaning one horse can pull anywhere from 5,500 – 7,000 pounds!

A draft horse, which is generally another times the size of an average carriage horse, can pull up to 8,000 pounds on its own. But when teamed up with another draft horse, together they can pull up to 24,000 pounds.

Which means all of our horses are only using 25% of their strength capability at any given time when the wagons are full.

Horses are powerful and majestic animals.

Petting Zoo Animals

We have some of the cutest little animals in our small petting zoo and they are loved by all. But here are a few things we would like you to keep in mind when feeding them.

DO NOT: Put any arms, hands, legs or feet through the fence. Somme are friendly but we do have signs up that some animals may bite. Especially when they are looking for food.

DO: Stand by the fence to feed with your body far enough away so they can’t reach. They will stick their head through the fence to eat out of your hand.

DO NOT: Ball up your or curl your fingers upwards when feeding, as they might accidentally nip your finger or palm with their teeth out of excitement to eat food.

DO: Lay your palm flat with fingers straight out and flat as well then lay food in the center of your palm when feeding them.